The Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories we can't get enough of 

May 16, 2017

Samsung S8 accessories

Everyone’s talking about the new Samsung S8. That gorgeous, seemingly endless infinity screen. The super-slick camera, which not only takes the crispest portrait and action shots, but even lets you do the whole sticker, mask and filter thing for totally one-of-a-kind snaps. Bixby, your own personal PA. 64GB of storage (plus an extra 256GB internal storage). And as if that’s not enough to get you really, really excited, wait until you see the accessories.

Since Samsung‘s really upped the game with the S8 phone itself, it’s only natural the brand has some practical, stylish and totally mind-blowing accessories to boot (including key upgrades of pieces like the Gear VR and Gear 360 camera).

Here are all of the S8 accessories you need to know about now…

Samsung accessories headphones

AKG headphones

Buy an S8, get a brand-new pair of AKG-tuned headphones from Samsung (worth £99). This means two things. One, the headphone jack on the S8 has remained intact. Two, you can expect a really good listening and viewing experience. Each headphone has two speakers, with one tweeter and one woofer for enhanced clarity and high-quality sound. Plus, the headphones come on a tangle-free fabric cable, so no muss, no fuss.

Using Bluetooth headphones? Connect two and listen to both at once: you checking the satnav while you’re driving, your child watching a movie in the backseat of the car. Annoying car journeys are now a thing of the past…

Samsung Gear VR

Gear VR

Virtual reality is happening, and the things you can see and do in VR are pretty incredible. Sure, there’s the gaming and endless Netflix-watching potential. There’s also the seemingly endless educational opportunities, and the positive potential, like the possibility of showing people a world they might not otherwise get to experience (i.e. if they are bed-bound in hospital).

The revamped Gear VR comes with a handy separate controller with touchpad/button, trigger, volume controls, home and back buttons, so entering another world has never been easier.

The S8 is also a gamer’s dream come true. With the S8’s large, super AMOLED screen (5.8″ display; the S8+ is a whopping 6.2″) with a resolution of 1,440 x 2,960, the phone’s 18:5:9 aspect ratio and long screen hits that sweet spot between the cinema experience and what we’re used to seeing on a daily basis.

The S8 also has game launcher and game tools features. Which basically means you can multi-task while you play, gaming and chatting to your friends simultaneously. Or uploading your PB score while gaining another one.

Samsung S8 accessories

Gear 360

One of the S8 accessories from the future, except you can get it now, Gear 360 has been described as “about the equivalent of eight GoPros together.” The 360-degree camera isn’t just an essential for those in certain professions (robotics, surveillance, investigative journalism). It lets you record your honeymoon of a lifetime – for long-lasting memories you can show your children and grandchildren – or capture all of the chaos of your wild 30th birthday roller disco party. 

On a more practical level, the portable  Gear 360 is the way of the future when it comes to virtual house-hunting and hotel booking. You’ll be completely obsessed – and surprised at how user-friendly it is. For more info, don’t miss our article on 360-degree cameras here.

Samsung accessories DeX


The DeX is one of the coolest new accessories to complement the S8 – especially when you’ve got to get into work mode, fast. It switches the Galaxy S8 into desktop mode and supports a keyboard, monitor and mouse input (it has a USB Type-C port to connect the phone, two USB-type A ports for peripherals and an HDMI output for 4k displays at 30fps). It’s also got a built-in cooling fan so your phone doesn’t overheat while running all of these applications. 

Just rest your device on the DeX dock and your S8 accessories make it a desktop computer. Presentations on the go have never been easier.

Wireless charger

You may not have noticed those flat, round mats in select Starbucks and McDonald’s locations around the UK. They’re wireless charging mats – and they work with compatible handsets like the S8. But lucky S8 owners will have the chance to get their own person Qi wireless convertible charger, a quick-charging pad that gets you about four hours of use from a 10-minute charging sesh.

Even better? The Qi wireless charge works as either a flat pad or a stand, so you can charge your device in landscape or portrait mode, and keep on working or watching your favourite programme while it charges.

The new S8 is fitted with Always On Display, which ensures all pixels are individually lit and only the pixels necessary for each function – say, to show the clock, are lit. This uses less that 1% battery an hour.

Samsung accessories case


One of the things we love most about the Samsung S8 is that with all the customisable features, no two Samsungs are identical. But they do all need to be protected. There are a selection of cases to help, no matter your style.

Clear View case: This translucent matte design protects even when you’re on a phone call. You can flip the cover so the phone can stand up, making it perfect for TV watching. You can also swipe to control calls and music without opening it up.

LED case: The Always On window view display works with these cases, which can show off LED features like the time through the case. You can turn off alarms and answer calls with a swipe.

2Piece case: Our personal favourite, this mix-and-match case really shows off the S8 design. But the playful and complementary colours and geometric shapes of the two-piece, ‘bikini’-style snap-on case also let you put your personal stamp on your phone. And change your phone colour with each new season. Or mood swing.

Alcantara case: This faux suede case protects your phone with its durable suede-like feel and is also water and stain-resistant. Think elegant. Can take you from work to black tie function – if that’s how you roll. 

Soft Touch case: A smooth cover with microfibre interior.

Keyboard cover: Affix a snap-on keyboard to the front of your phone when typing is essential. Or when gifting the phone to those who don’t do touch screens (i.e. your parents).

Clear cover case: A new, ultra-thin silicone cover case that measures only 0.8mm thick.

Protective cases and screen protectors

There are also new S8 accessories like cases stocked at your local Three store from top brands like Tech21 and Gadget Guard.

The ultra-slim and lightweight Pure Clear Case from Tech 21 keeps your phone safe even if you drop it from a height of up to 2 metres – or choose the Smokey Black Evo Mesh case if you’re a real adrenaline junkie (it’s safe even if dropped from 3m).

The brand’s anti-scratch impact screen protector will keep your gorgeous new S8 scratch-free, no matter how hardcore your lifestyle: it’s made with materials used in bullet-proof glass.

The GadgetGuard screen protector, made from super-strong glass, will not only keep your S8 free of scratches, it also promises to repel fingerprints and smudges, so you can protect your screen while keeping it protected.

Main pic: Via Samsung