Our new safety zone is now live

 June 17, 2019

We’re excited to launch our brand-new Privacy and Safety zone. It’s a go-to centre for information which can help keep you and your family safe while you enjoy the online world. Whether you’re scrolling through your Insta feed, downloading a podcast for your travels, or Whatsapping your friends to organise a night out; there are gazillions of ways to learn, work, create, entertain (or be entertained) and socialise through the web. We’re more digitally connected than ever before. But despite this freedom, there are some drawbacks, especially for children. According to Ofcom research, ‘British parents are increasingly worried about the internet’ and NSPCC say that almost 1 in 4 children have received upsetting content online. We’re fully aware of the risks, and that’s why we’re committed to doing all we can to protect you.

Supporting you

Through our safety zone, you’ll find out about the support we provide on our financial, mobile and personal security pages. We’ve also gathered together a selection of Hub articles for you, including Stay safe online and 5 mobile phone security tips so you can browse through these at your leisure.

Internet Matters

To celebrate our recent partnership, we’ve got a special Internet Matters page with guides on how to manage screen time and cyberbullying. Plus, you can book our free in-store Discovery courses like Keeping Kids Safe Online, which will give you the lowdown on all the facts.

We’ll keep adding to our safety zone so you can check back for all the latest information and tips, including our (soon to be released) independent report on gaming and lots more.