Unlike Coco the puppy here, a phone isn’t for life

June 5, 2019

When life’s racing at 100 mph it’s easy to forget when your contract’s up and that a shiny, new handset is within reach. Just picture it – dream phone, your name on it, languishing in its packaging feeling all unloved? Aghhh, unthinkable.

So, don’t let it happen. You can upgrade with no extra charge up to 38 days before your minimum term ends. It’s easy to check if you’re eligible. Give it a go – you might be in for a pleasant surprise.

The really quick way to have a look-see is on the Three appOf course, if you’re not eligible, but you’re thinking about changing your price plan, it’s an obvious time to consider making a step-up hardware wise. Think of the extra lift a sexy new handset will give you.

And if having the latest phone’s a bit of you, register your interest today and be the first to know about new phones landing here at Three. 

Go check out the ‘Offers’ tab. Here you’ll see all the amazing deals we’ve got just for you, not only on phones, but SIMs, tablets, mobile broadband, and accessories – you can get it all here. Go to ‘See offers’ or ‘Explore accessories’ and size up the deal. You can either purchase there or go to the ‘More’ tab, scroll down to ‘Live chat’ and make it happen.

If you’re on Pay As You Go and want to see what you can get your hands on then go to ‘Offers’, then ‘See offers’ on the Three app. You can access ‘Live chat’ from the ‘More’ section – just put in a few details and someone will be able to help you super fast.

If you’ve not got the Three app yet, and why wouldn’t you by the way? Then you can navigate to ‘Upgrades and offers’ on the home page of your My3 account.

So, whatever you’re after, whenever you want it, come and get it.