Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e

March 29, 2019

Samsung’s unveiled the new S10 series, and we’re in love with them already. With a brand-new Infinity-O display and seriously impressive cameras on all 3 new phones. So, picking one to take home is harder than ever.

Here’s the lowdown on each new S10 to help you decide.

Galaxy S10: the flagship

A 6.1in Quad HD+ Infinity-O display, which is a curved, edge-to-edge display that gives you an uninterrupted view. That’s right – totally uninterrupted. The notch and home button are nowhere to be seen. No distractions make for completely immersive viewing.

As gorgeous as the S10 is, it’s not all about looks. With a 10MP front camera and triple rear lens, the camera on the Galaxy S10’s awesome too. The rear camera includes a 16MP Ultra-Wide lens, 12MP telephoto and 12MP zoom lens. Snap moments as you see them and use those Ultra-Wide and zoom lenses to capture every angle.

Ever spent so long setting up the perfect ‘candid’ shot for the ‘gram that your phone runs out of juice? You haven’t even taken the perfect pic yet. Annoying, right? That’s not a problem with the S10. It stays charged when it matters most. And, if you do need a quick power boost, Wireless Charging 2.0 charges your battery up quickly.

Want the premium Galaxy experience? Then the S10’s for you.

Galaxy S10+: a supercharged Galaxy experience

How could Samsung possibly manage to improve on those impressive S10 specs? With more power, a bigger screen, bigger battery, and more cameras. That’s how.

They’ve not held back when it comes to the S10+. With a 6.4inch curved screen, no home button, and a dot for the front camera, it’s got an incredible screen-to-body ratio.

The S10+ lets you shoot like a pro photographer with zero effort. The triple lens rear camera has Telephoto, Wide-Angle, and Ultra-Wide lenses. And uses Live Focus and shot suggestions to help you take pro-quality shots without even trying.

And the new dual front-facing camera with both 8 and 10MP lenses lets you play around with depth of field.  Start creating your best selfies ever.

The S10+ comes with 128 or 512GB internal storage and the option of either 8 or 12GB RAM too. The powerful S10+ makes every task quicker and smoother.

If a supercharged Galaxy experience sounds like a bit of you, order the S10+ today.

S10e: it’s not all about size

If a more compact design is more your bag, the S10e’s for you.

And just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out. All that awesome new Samsung tech is still there. You’ve got a powerful processor, a 10MP front-facing camera, 12 and 16MP dual rear camera with Live Focus. Not to mention the Fast Wireless charging 2.0 and enough power to share with Wireless Powershare.

One of the biggest differences is the new, 5.8in flat HD+ Infinity-O display. It still looks good with a flawless screen, no notch, and the small cut-out for the front camera. All that makes it perfect for immersive viewing, like its bigger counterparts.

Small, perfectly formed and full to the brim with Samsung S10 series tech – get your new Samsung Galaxy S10e now.