Samsung Galaxy S24 Series – Cool new tips, tricks, and features

March 6, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Galaxy AI is here

With every new generation of Samsung phones comes a whole range of exciting new features and upgrades. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is no exception. In fact, Samsung is calling the Galaxy S24 its first AI phone, because of all the amazing AI enhancements.

So let’s take a look beyond the specs at all the special things the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra can do. 

Circle to Search with Google

Circle to Search is one of the simplest but handiest of all the new features. Circle anything on your screen with your finger – or your S Pen – and your phone will Google it.

It could be anything, it doesn’t have to be text. See some shoes you like, circle and search for where you can buy them online. See a tasty dish on Instagram, circle it, search, and you’ll be able to find restaurants that serve it and recipes to help you cook it.

If you want to switch it on, go to Settings > Display > Navigation bar > Circle to Search and tap On.

Live Translate

The S24 Series ushers in a brand-new era of mobile AI. Designed to enhance every part of your daily life, Galaxy AI empowers you with new ways to create, connect, and communicate.

Defy language barriers with AI-powered Live Translate. Call someone who speaks a different language and your Galaxy S24 phone will use an automated voice to deliver real-time translation to both callers. All you have to do is talk, and after a short pause, your phone will provide the translation.

You can turn on Live Translate by heading to Settings > Advanced features > Advanced intelligence > Phone > and then turn On and select the language. When you’re on a call, tap Call Assist to begin translating.

Chat Assist

Chat Assist helps you write better texts – and translates them into different languages too. Using AI, Chat Assist can help you write by making suggestions based on the mood and tone you want to aim for. Plus, there’s improved spelling and grammar checking to protect you from typos.

Activate Chat Assist by going to Settings > Advanced features > Advanced intelligence > Samsung Keyboard, and then tap Chat and turn Writing Assist On.

AI Photo Assist

There’s a whole load of AI photo editing features built into the Gallery app that’ll make your pics more share-worthy than ever before.

Your real go-to is Edit Suggestions, which suggest edits that AI can do for you, like changing colours or removing reflections.

Generative Edit lets you resize and remove objects from your photos, and then fills in the background so all the changes look natural. There’s also Generative Fill, which expands the edges of your pics, so you can straighten photos without losing details at the edges.

Instant slow-mo

This is a cool feature you can also find in the Gallery app. All you have to do is tap and hold down on a video clip and the phone’s AI will add extra frames, creating an instant slow-motion effect.

Transcribe Assist

Transcribing a conversation can take a long, long time. But with Transcript Assist, it’s all done for you. Simply make a recording, then tap the transcribe button to generate your transcription. You can also translate it into another language and get AI to generate a summary too.

Note Assist

Taking notes can be messy, especially when you’re taking things down quickly. The Note Assist feature helps you out by performing tasks like summarising – in a basic or detailed way – as well as spell checking. You can even translate your notes into a different language. All you have to do is tap the Notes Assist icon.

AI safety

Many people are concerned with how AI uses their data. If you go to Settings > Advanced Intelligence you have an option to only use AI on your phone without it connecting to the cloud. This means none of your personal data gets used to train AI. Just scroll down to the AI safety menu.

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