Samsung Unpacked 2020: Everything You Need to Know

February 12, 2020

It’s 20 years since Samsung launched their first camera phone. In this time, the Korean tech giant has become synonymous with devices that are smart, smooth and simple to use. Fast forward to 2020 and their latest range throws down the innovation gauntlet yet again, evolving from ‘phones with a camera to a camera with a phone’. Here’s the lowdown on the Galaxy S20 5G Ultra, Galaxy S20+ 5G, Galaxy S20 5G and Galaxy S20 4G.

Why S20?

The launch of the S20 range celebrates the start of the new decade and a breathtaking new era of Samsung smartphones.

Let’s take a closer look at the S20 devices.

New Features in 2020


This year Samsung has launched 3 5G phones in the S20 range. A jump up from only 1 in 2019 – the S10 5G.  With Unlimited data, stream as much as you want with low lag and download movies in seconds. Check if you’re already in one of our 5G network areas If you’re not yet, we’ve got loads more areas due to go live soon. Sign up to get the latest updates.


The mighty S20 range threatens to be ‘the smartphone to end all cameras’ and we can see why. The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s got an incredible 108MP Ultra Wide Camera and virtually no shutter delay. You can capture more detail than ever before and it performs well in low light. There’s a 40MP front camera for selfies and 48MP telephoto camera, makes taking professional-standard photos super easy.

Space Zoom

The new mammoth 100x optical Space Zoom camera on the Ultra, means that even the night sky is within its periscopic reach. Cue some photos that are out of this world.

Pro Video Mode and Single Take Photo

The Ultra is a film and photo fanatic’s dream. With up to 8K video recording, it gives you a movie studio at your fingertips, with speed and quality to make your own epic films. The Pro Video Mode allows you to manually change the exposure, ISO, shutter speeds or colour tone so you can create videos like an aspiring Spielberg. Plus, with Single Take Photo – pan over a scene for only 15 seconds and the camera will automatically snap the perfect pic or video. Cool, eh?


The big screen designs continue this year with a huge 6.9in for the Ultra. Sink into the sofa and enter the action in smooth, clear 120Hz – up from 60Hz in the S10. It’s good news if you prefer a flat screen too. Samsung’s given the S20 range less curvature, which means its less likely to get damaged and it’s easier to hold.

There are a bunch of new colours to choose from too, including Cosmic Black, Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue and Cloud Pink.


The S20 has a new processor – the Exynos. It promises to be 25% faster and 35% more efficient. Why should you care? Basically, the system will be better, smoother and faster. You’ll see the difference whether you’re using it for streaming, gaming, photography, AR or navigating your way round on a city break.


Samsung have packed in their biggest battery yet, going all the way up to 5000mAh on the S20 5G Ultra. The 45W charger can do 0 to 100% in 74 mins and keep its charge longer than ever before. You can enjoy nights out in style without worrying about dragging your charger along with you.

What are the differences?


Which one is best for you? If you want to get on the awesome 5G train then you can choose from, either S20 Ultra 5G, S20+ 5G or S20 5G. Get set to speed into tomorrow with next to no lag or buffer. If you’re happy to stay with 4G, you can still upgrade to the stunning S20 4G model. It has all the same spec as the S20 5G apart from the 5G capability.


The devices in the S20 range are tall. From a little under 152mm in length for the 4G and 5G to 161 mm for the S20+ and a staggering 166mm for the Ultra. The S20 range is built to see more and do more. You’ll have a 6.2in screen on your S20 4G and 5G and 6.7in for the 5G+. Not big enough for your bingeing needs? Then jump to a humongous 6.9in with the S20 Ultra.

The weight of each varies also according to the size. The lightest of the 4 are the 4G and 5G at 163g, the S20+ weighs 186g and the Ultra weighs in at a substantial 220g.


If a great quality camera is at the top of your list, then you’re in for a treat. With the Ultra’s huge 108MP wide camera you can shoot like a pro, capturing jaw-dropping landscapes on your travels or at home.

For the front camera, the Ultra has 40MP for stunning selfies every time. All the range have an AI Smart Selfie Angle feature that detects when you’re squeezing a few more mates into the picture and adjusts the focus from regular to wide.

One down from the Ultra is the S20+ which displays a 64MP telephonic lens, 10MP front camera and a 12MP wide camera. It also shares a time of flight sensor with the Ultra. It’s perfect for using with AR features like Doodle. We’ve heard that Samsung are creating an AR Zone to house all their augmented reality features in one place. So, watch out for lots more AR apps coming out soon.

Space Zoom

If you love your astrophotography, then the Ultra gives you a colossal 100x Space Zoom, or 30x with the S20+ 5G, S20 5G and 4G. Whether you’re taking photos of the stars or a faraway view, you’ll get amazing details right up close.


All the S20 range are rocking 8K resolution at 24FPS. Use Pro Video Mode and Super Steady for that centre of the action shot. Shoot clearer, smoother videos with total ease. And you can even turn your fave video clips into still pictures with Single Take.


The Ultra is a whopping 5000mAh. The S20+ 5G has a huge 4500mAh and the S20 5G and 4G a 4000mAh. So, you can leave your charger at home and game, stream, download and post those weekend selfies till your thumbs go numb. And while you’re out, why not save your BFF’s night by using your phone’s wireless charging pad to give theirs a boost.


If you’re looking for storage – all have 128GB of storage and an SD card slot for additional memory. The Ultra of course, has a little extra with a 512GB storage option for saving as many apps, pictures and videos as you like.

How much will they cost?

The all-important question. Check out all our Samsung Phone plans and prices or pre-order your favourite now.

How can I get one of the latest Samsung Galaxy phones?

We’ll be launching the S20 range on our network on 13 March. To get yours first, you can pre-order from 11 Feb at 8pm. Plus, get yourself some free Galaxy Buds if you pre-order an S20 Ultra or S20+ You can also save by trading in your old phone.

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