How to sneak your phone into your bridal look

July 31, 2017


Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue.

And something to hold your fancy new iPhone 7.

Weddings have always been about the bridal accessories, and in 2017, your iPhone is undeniably one of the most important accessories you own. What could be nearer and dearer to you? It holds your life (the pics! The WhatsApps! The memes!) and it also has the power to get all those intimate behind-the-scenes wedding day photos you’ll cherish forever, whether your wedding has its own hashtag, or is a distinctly more low-key affair.

Thing is, there are legit reasons to keep your phone handy during the big day.

And even with professional photographers, a videographer and every single one of your 150 guests snapping away on an iPhone, you still might want your own take on those personal memories and moments: your mum’s misty-eyed smile as she helps you into your wedding dress, your clandestine ‘last selfie as an unmarried chick’ that you snap in the bathroom (only once your makeup has been done, obvs), your bridesmaids – and bestie – getting ready, and the detail shots of your mani and pedi (you’re not quite sure anyone else will appreciate your jungle print nail art for the occasion).


No idea where to put your phone on the big day? Here are a few suggestions…

Bridal clutch

When it comes to accessories, brides have plenty they can play around with: veil/headpiece, statement shoes, jewellery, a handbag. Think a small-yet-spacious clutch for makeup, tissues, mints, and your mobile. The best part is that it’ll keep your phone safe for when you want to access it, but you won’t need to carry it at all times: being a bride is like being royalty for a day, and everyone is happy to fawn all over you and be helpful. Give it to your mum or maid of honour during the ceremony, and keep it by your table setting at dinner afterwards.

Also, if you’re struggling for your something blue, or you want another excuse to feed in your wedding colour scheme, you can purchase one which adds a punchy pop of colour.

The actual wedding ensemble

What are wedding garters – in an era of no stockings – for, other than tossing at guests? Who knows? But we’re pretty sure they’d make a pretty decent holster for an iPhone, so definitely worth the investment. Other options? Wedding dresses with pockets may be the best invention ever – and look so comfy.

Meanwhile, crafty brides can use the acres of satin and tulle in their wedding dresses to create a bustle of sorts that acts as a bum bag to store all kinds of contraband, including your smartphone. Perfect for embracing that Victorian Steampunk look.


Get a phone case to show it off

Of course, there’s no reason for your smartphone to be a clandestine accessory at your wedding. In fact, why not make it the star attraction of your look? Now, to find a case that’s every bit as gorgeous as the dress you stopped drinking freakshakes for – that’s the challenge.

US brand Bandolier makes handbag-style cases with space for cards/cash/ID (in case you get cold feet?) and cross body or wristlet-style straps.

Another US brand, Lux Addiction, can turn your phone into the blingiest of them all, with bespoke multicolour crystal designs to add some serious sparkle – and a touch of the Paris Hiltons – to your occasion.

Or commemorate the day with a personalised ‘Mrs.’ or ‘Bride’ case from Rianna Phillips, who also makes monogrammed initial phone cases and monogrammed cosmetic bags that might just make the perfect bridesmaid gift. If you have any leftover wedding budget (ha!), you can opt for one of Chaos‘ monogrammed deerskin versions, featuring your new initials – Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung and Kendall Jenner all have one.

Another human

This might be your easiest option, because as far as we’re concerned, it’s your day and you can use anyone (parents, bridesmaids, friends, your dog) to help you get through it. Yes, that includes the groom, who is most eager to turn into a walking storage unit for the bride on this occasion (and ’til death do you part).

Go unplugged

While it may seem inconceivable to some, many brides are opting for the nuclear option on the big day: an unplugged wedding, aka the banning of all smartphones, tablets and tech. Believe it or not, guests’ selfie sticks have been known to trip up a bride walking down the aisle, and ruin more than one gorgeous wedding snap.

Of course, as the bride, you call the shots, and are totally entitled to be the only one with a phone in your outfit…

Main pic: Via Rianna Phillips