Summer travel bliss

June 14, 2019

What are you up to for your vacay this summer? A festival with friends, a cheeky city break, or an ‘all-in’ with the fam, and about 10 swimming pools?

You might want to check out the latest reviews while you hunt down that hush-hush, local lunch spot. Love farmers markets? Maybe you’re looking for some authentic, home-grown flavours to cook up back at the villa. With Go Roam, you won’t run out of data, on the wrong side of town. Plus, there’s no hefty bill once you’re home.

Does the old castle classic seem a bit ‘last year’? Why not Google some cool sand sculptures for the kids to try themselves and it won’t cost you a thing. Or, put on their favourite movie for some quiet time and relax.

Most important of all don’t forget the whole world’s watching. Make sure your stories are on the money. You might even want to pack a few fun props to make the most of your locations. Snap, Insta, and tag your favourite moments in over 70 destinations, all within your data allowance, with Go Roam.

The world’s your oyster this summer. Whatever your vacay style – city wanderings, dancing on tables or swimming in the sea. Go find the best fun, the highest waterfall, or the quietest beach. And do it all with us.