Waterproof phone accessories that we’re obsessing over

May 10, 2017


With summer merely weeks away – can’t you just smell it in the air? – we’re going to be spending a lot more time in the water, swimming, splashing, paddling and generally enjoying everything that’s fantastic about summer.

Naturally, we’ll have our phones with us, so we’ll need some waterproof cases, camera add-ons and other waterproof accessories that work in water so we can snorkel and snap away at the sea life, or take an underwater selfie with a shark. Or Ryan Gosling, if he’s staying in our fancy-pants hotel in Mexico – we’d prefer to come face to face with the latter. Some of us just need a waterproof case so we can watch TV on our phones, in the bath, worry-free.

Free to Roam

Now, we plan to spend our summer in, near, under and enjoying the water – no matter where we are. Brighton or Birmingham, London or Leeds. But lots of us lucky folk will be heading off to destinations across the globe for our summer hols. As in, places with sandy beaches, turquoise waters and non-stop sunshine. So in addition to our cool waterproof accessories, we’ve also got something else you’ll want: Go Roam. Use your phone abroad at no extra cost and roam free in over 70 destinations from the USA to Australia, Cyprus to Sri Lanka.

Hey, I thought my phone was waterproof?

The thing is, some phones are more water-friendly than others. If you’re rocking a brand-new Samsung S10 (or using an S9), then your phone boasts a rating of IP68, which means your phone is, essentially, water-resistant. You can drop the S8 in up to 1.5 metres of fresh water for up to 30 minutes and your phone will still be OK. Watch out for salt water, though. And don’t get in the habit of dropping it in puddles or taking it down waterslides just to see how much it can withstand…

Other phones you can swing around near the water without fear? The Sony Xperia XZ has an IP68 rating, while the iPhone 7 has a rating of IP67. Which means it’s protected from immersion in water up to a depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes.

Want a little extra protection for your phone before your summer getaway? Why not? Here are the beach-and-pool friendly phone cases and accessories you need to know about.

H20 Audio Amphibx+ waterproof armband


H20 Audio accessories (available to buy on Amazon UK) are all built to go underwater – they aren’t injected with glue like many of the waterproof accessories you’ll find out there. This armband protects your phone while you swim, surf or enjoy that water aerobics class you’ve always wanted to try. It seals your phone into a little clear pouch up to 3.6m underwater. Bonus: works in pools, freshwater AND saltwater.

MSC Aqua Trek Waterproof Charger


Sometimes you need to charge on the go. In the water. Because you refuse to miss out on showing off your kayaking skills to your 800 nearest and dearest friends on Insta. In times like these, a mobile phone charger – one that’s waterproof – is essential. Mobile Solar Chargers to the rescue. The Aqua Trek waterproof charger can be dunked up to 1m, and is also shock, dust and sand-proof. It can manage up to three phone charges before a recharge, so your adventurous morning, noon and night of beach combing and water sports won’t be interrupted with panicked rushes back to your hotel to charge your phone.

LifeProof Fre phone case


Want the most rugged, hard-wearing case that will enable your smartphone to withstand all of the elements? Then look no further than the LifeProof Fre, available for the S8 or your iPhone. The drop-proof, snow-proof, dirt-proof and waterproof design (it’s submersible in two metres of water for up to an hour) ticks every box for all the adrenaline-seekers out there. You can also team the case with a mount accessory to use on a bike or belt while sky-diving, jet-skiing or embarking on your next triathlon. Did we mention this is one of the waterproof accessories that meets the U.S. Military Standard for drop and shock protection?

Overboard Waterproof case


OverBoard, purveyors of airtight waterproof phone cases that seal your beloved device into a snazzy bag, are firm favourites in the waterproof accessories category: you can go as deep as six metres underwater by zipping your phone into one of these. Which is about three times deeper than most waterproof cases offer. Fitted with a LENSFLEX back window for crisp, clear photos (would work great with the fantastic Galaxy S8 camera), use it when snorkelling, enjoying a motorboat ride or pretending you’re being chased by a shark float behind you in a pool. Military Standard for drop and shock protection?

Surge Waterproof headphones


Waterproof headphones are another essential so you can listen to your tunes as you swim, relax on the beach or run in the rain. H20 Audio‘s Surge+ waterproof headphones can be submerged up to 3.6 metres (or, alternatively, withstand some serious perspiration). Lightweight and durable, the headphones produce a clear sound in and out of the water. Waterproof accessories with clear audio? We didn’t know it was possible either.

ProShotCase iPhone case


One of the main reasons we need our phone to go underwater? Pictures, pictures and more pictures. Social media feed envy, people. It’s the driving force behind 97% of what motivates us (we suspect). Which is why the ProShotCase, with a 115-degree wide-angle lens and comes with two interchangeable lids, is a must-have. The deep dive lid is waterproof to 30m and the touch screen lid lets you submerge the phone to 1.8m. The ProShotCase app ensures you have the same camera functionality underwater as you do on land. It’s also compatible with a range of GoPro mounts so you get the perfect shot, wherever you are, and pro photogs can invest in additional fish-eye, wide angle or flat lenses.

Main image via ProShotCase