Getting Wi-Fi for your boat

Our 4G MiFi is the ideal choice if you want to set up Wi-Fi in your residential mooring or a canal boat navigating the inland waterways.

Using Three's 4G network, you'll be able to enjoy a fast, stable internet connection for your boat, perfect for remote working, browsing, scrolling, streaming, and more.

No landline or engineer required

4G MiFi uses our 4G network to get you online, so no landline or cable is needed. That makes it perfect to use on your boat. You can get online in any location where you can connect to our 4G.

Next working day delivery

If you're preparing to set sail, why wait to get connected? Place your order for Mi-Fi before 8pm and we’ll have your portable Wi-Fi router delivered to you on the next working day.

Connect your whole crew

MiFi can connect up to 32 devices, although you’ll get the best results with up to 10 crewmembers online at the same time. You can use it plugged-in or make use of up to 9 hours of battery power.

Take your internet with you

MiFi is made for travel. You can get the internet in any location where MiFi can connect to our 4G network. And our 4G network covers 99% of the UK outdoor population, so you can get online in most locations.

4G MiFi — Our best Wi-Fi router for boats

Create a portable internet hotspot onboard that multiple crewmembers can use to get online wherever there’s a 4G mobile signal.

  • Pocket sized router
  • Supports multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Ideal for houseboats
  • Battery lasts up to 9 hours

Check your coverage

Whether you sail a yacht, houseboat, or narrowboat, visit our coverage checker to see if you can connect to our broadband at your docking location or next destination.

Other ways to connect your boat to Wi-Fi

If you don’t want to buy a new device, or you just need a connection for yourself, you can get the internet on your boat using one of our data SIMs.

Pay As You Go Data SIM

Our Pay As You Go SIMs offer you the ultimate flexibility, so you can control your spend and get online when you need to.

Pay Monthly Data SIM

Choose from our large range of Pay Monthly plans, so you can find a great deal on data that suits your budget.

What about home broadband?

Get lightning-fast internet in your home with our 5G Home Broadband deals. There’s no landline, no engineer, and no waiting. Set it up yourself and get a connection in moments.

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Why Three Mobile Broadband?

Ideal for remote working

MiFi is your pocket-sized connection on the go. So whether you’re travelling between locations or a digital nomad, MiFi will help to keep you connected wherever you’re working.

Great deals and contract lengths

With 1-month, 12-month and 24- month contract deals – and 6 months' half price on 12- and 24- month selected Unlimited Data plans – you can choose what’s best for you.

Connect multiple devices

Connect multiple phones, laptops, and tablets to MiFi wherever you go. So you can check journey updates, while the kids stream TV below deck, and your friends upload selfies from the stern.

Long-lasting, portable design

MiFi weighs only 105g and is almost the same size as most popular handsets. And it lasts for up to 9 hours on one charge.

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Everything you need to know about waterproof phones

If you’re worried about your phone getting splashed or falling overboard, check out our guide on how phones fare when they get accidentally soaked.

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Frequently asked questions

If you’re a boater who doesn’t venture far from land or has a residential mooring, our 4G MiFi offers the best Wi-Fi solution for your boat. It provides fast, stable Wi-Fi with no need for a landline, as long as you can connect to our 4G mobile signal. Our 4G network already covers 99% of the UK outdoor population, meaning you should be able to get online almost anywhere. 

Our portable 4G MiFi router connects to our 4G network using a SIM card, similar to a mobile phone. It then transmits the signal to multiple devices, allowing internet access on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet from your craft. 

You can use our 4G MiFi device onboard in any location you can connect to our 4G network. Use our coverage checker to see if you can access our network by entering the postcode of the location of your boat.

The cost of our portable 4G MiFi will depend on the length of the plan you choose. We offer 1-month, 12-month, and 24-month contracts, with a range of data allowances to suit you.

Our 24-month Pay Monthly plans come with no upfront costs. If you’re buying our 4G MiFi on a 1-month, 12-month, or a Pay As You Go contract, you’ll need to pay an upfront fee.

Our mobile 4G Mi-Fi router is able to connect up to 32 devices at once. But for the best results, up to 10 is ideal, which should be enough to get your whole crew online at the same time.

Yes, using our portable 4G MiFi router, you can add Wi-Fi to all types of boats, including canal boats, narrow boats, yachts, sailing boats, and houseboats, wherever you can connect to a 4G mobile signal. 

Yes, you can use our 4G and 5G Home Broadband hubs onboard when your boat is moored, due to their convenient plug-and-play setup, eliminating the need for a landline or engineer for installation. Use our broadband coverage checker to see if our Home Broadband is available where your boat is moored. 

You can only connect to the internet using our portable 4G MiFi device if you can connect to our 4G mobile signal. If you want to use Wi-Fi while out at sea, you may find that satellite internet provides a stronger connection.

Why choose Three?

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