Set up Wi-Fi in your motorhome or caravan

With our range of home internet and mobile broadband options, we have the perfect solution for every type of caravan and motorhome.

If you’re often on the move, your best choice for portable Wi-Fi is to get online with a MiFi router. If you want to connect a static caravan or long-stay campervan, then our 4G and 5G Broadband is for you – they both work without a landline or fibre optic cable.

No landline or engineer required

Our broadband solutions use our 4G and 5G network. That makes them perfect for caravans and motorhomes of all types because you don’t need to connect them to a landline or fibre optic cable.

Next working day delivery

Travelling soon? Or just keen to get connected? Choose one of our Broadband plans, place your order by 8pm, and we’ll get it to you on the next working day.

Consistent, reliable broadband

Our 4G network covers of 99% of the UK outdoor population, so you’ll be able to get connected almost anywhere. And if you’re able to use our 5G Broadband, get ready for some incredibly fast speeds.

Take your internet with you

Our pocket-sized MiFi router is designed for portability, so it’s perfect to take with you wherever you travel. But our 4G and 5G Broadband hubs can also travel with you if you move a long-stay caravan or move to a new static one.

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4G & 5G Broadband – best Wi-Fi for static caravans

If your caravan is mostly fixed to one location, then our 4G and 5G Home Broadband hubs are a great way to get connected. They don’t use a landline or fibre optic cable. All you need to do is plug in and connect to our network.

4G MiFi — our best Wi-Fi router for caravans & motorhomes

Create a portable internet connection onboard that gets multiple users online wherever there’s a 4G mobile signal.

  • Pocket-sized router
  • Supports multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Takes only seconds to set up
  • Battery life up to 9 hours

Check local coverage

Visit our coverage checker to see what broadband services we have available at any postcode you’re thinking of travelling to.

Other ways to get internet in your caravan

If you don’t want to get any new devices for your caravan, you can connect to Three’s super-fast network and get online using our Data Only SIMs.

Pay As You Go Data SIM

Our Pay As You Go SIMs offer you the ultimate flexibility, so you can control your spend and get online when you need to.

Pay Monthly Data SIM

Connect your tablet or other mobile broadband device to the internet through our network on a Data SIM Only contract.

Tablets and laptops

Great for remote working and great for streaming and entertainment, explore our great laptop and tablet deals.

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Why Three Broadband?

No landline? No problem.

You don't need a landline or cable to get our broadband. You can use it anywhere you can connect to our 4G or 5G network.

Super simple set up

Our broadband is so simple you can set it up yourself. All you have to do is insert the SIM, switch on and you’re ready to connect.

Next working day delivery

With next-day delivery, you can get connected fast. Order before 8pm and we’ll deliver your broadband order on the next working day.

Great deals and contract lengths

With 1-month, 12-month and 24-month deals for 4G MiFi, and 1-month or 24-month deals for Home Broadband, our broadband is perfect whether you need a temporary or long-term connection.

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4 easy ways to get Wi-Fi while camping

If you’re really planning on roughing it next time you travel, take a look at our tips on how to get Wi-Fi while you camp.

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Frequently asked questions

When it comes to getting Wi-Fi in your motorhome or caravan, you have the option to choose between our home internet and Mobile Broadband solutions. The best choice will depend on several factors, including the availability of services in your location and how you plan to use your Wi-Fi. 

You can use our coverage checker to see if our Home Broadband is available where your caravan or motorhome is located. If you’re often on the move, our 4G MiFi portable internet will likely be the best choice for you. If you use you caravan in the same location, or it’s a static caravan, then our 4G or 5G Home Broadband may be more suitable for you.

Using our Home Broadband is one of the best ways to get internet in your static caravan. Enjoy seamless browsing, streaming, and gaming with our 4G and 5G Broadband hubs.  

Forget the hassle of installing a landline or booking an engineer appointment, all you need to do is plug in your Home Broadband hub and you’re good to go.  

If you’ll be travelling around in your caravan, we’d recommend using our mobile broadband. Our 4G MiFi device lets you create a portable Wi-Fi connection and get online in any location where you can connect to our 4G network.    

Our 4G MiFi device offers the perfect solution for getting Wi-Fi in your campervan or motorhome. Designed to provide seamless connectivity while you’re on the move, this mobile Wi-Fi router enables you to connect multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring everyone can stay connected and make the most of their travel experience.  

The cost of adding Wi-Fi to your caravan or motorhome will depend on the type of broadband you select and your chosen plan. We offer a range of deals on our home internet and Mobile Broadband to suit you. 

For MiFi, all of our 24-month Pay Monthly plans come with no upfront cost. If you’re buying our 4G MiFi on a 1-month, 12-month or Pay As You Go plan, you’ll need to pay an upfront fee. 

For our Home Broadband, there’s no upfront fee whether you choose a 24-month or rolling 1-month plan. 

All our Home Broadband plans come with truly unlimited data, allowing for endless streaming and browsing with no data caps. With our mobile broadband, you can choose between 10GB, 40GB, and unlimited data allowances. 

Why choose Three?

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