Internet Matters

For us, safety matters

Keeping you safe is always top of our list and in 2018 we partnered with Internet Matters, an organisation which gives parents loads of tips and advice for protecting children online. With the right knowledge and safeguards, the digital world can be a place of fun, learning and inspiration for children.

By linking up with Internet Matters we’ve created bitesize training packs for all our store staff, so they’ll be on-hand to answer any questions you have. Plus, you can use this portal to keep yourself updated with the latest research and our online support.

Safety courses

Our Discovery programme offers free in-store sessions on digital and mobile technology for all individuals, communities, and businesses. We’ve even got some digital security courses you might want to check out.

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Discovery has a yearly programme of free sessions to help you learn or build on digital skills for your life or business. So, make sure you look up our other courses too.

Keeping kids safe online