Repairing your device

All you need to know to get your device back up and running.

Before booking a repair

Follow these steps before sending your device off for repair:

  1. Update your software and follow the troubleshooting tips on our device support pages
  2. Back up your data to your PC or the cloud
  3. Remove your SIM card and any memory cards you might have installed
  4. Remove your Google Account from Android devices and turn off Find My iPhone on Apple devices

How to book a repair

You can either book a repair with your manufacturer directly or, if you bought your phone from us, just head to any Three store. We’ll book it in and send it off for you.

If the repair’s covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, any repair will be free of charge. If it’s not – or your warranty has run out – you’re likely to be charged. In this instance, it may be better to make an insurance claim. 

Have a Samsung device?

We’ll come to you for your repair. Visit our Likewize Repair page to get started:

Got a Google or Huawei phone? 

Currently, you can’t book a repair in a Three store. Please contact your manufacturer directly.

Warranty information

All new devices come with a manufacturers' warranty. Apple devices have a 12-month warranty as standard, and most other devices have a 24-month warranty. The refurbished devices we sell come with a 12-month warranty.

If your device suffers from a manufacturer fault – and you’re within your warranty period – the manufacturer will cover the cost of the repair. If your problem was caused by something other than a manufacture fault or if your device is out of warranty, you’ll have to pay to get it fixed.

Further warranty information can be found on manufacturers’ websites:

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