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Before starting a claim, please check your coverage in your insurance terms.

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Which type of insurance do you have with us?

I have Three Rescue - purchased before 6 March 2020[1]

I have Three Insurance – purchased after  5 May 2020[2]

If you’d prefer to make a claim over the phone, get in touch with us.
Find out more about Three Rescue and Three Insurance.

After you make a claim

You’ll receive a confirmation email telling you what to do next. For all claims, please follow these steps:

  • Switch off any device locks like Find My on iPhone and Google Accounts on Android, otherwise we won’t be able to help
  • Back up your personal data
  • Remove the SIM card and any accessories
  • If we’ve asked you to post your device to us, please use the pre-paid shipping label we send and follow the steps outlined in your confirmation email

In the event of theft or loss, we’ll need to a copy of the police report as soon as possible. The police report should have an IMEI number and a description of the event – including the date, time and location. We may also check your account to confirm that you’ve reported this to Three and that your SIM card has been blocked.

If you’ve made a claim and you need to check its progress, contact us.

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