4G Calling Abroad is now live

Since 2022, 4G Calling Abroad (also known as Voice over LTE roaming or VoLTE roaming) has been activated in countries around the world.

4G Calling Abroad lets you use 4G whenever you’ve got access to a 4G network. And because this means you don’t have to use a 3G service, you can enjoy better connectivity and make higher quality calls.

Having 4G Calling Abroad is becoming more important because many countries are starting to switch off their 3G services. Calls, texts and data on 3G will soon be unavailable in lots of destinations.

However, not every device has 4G Calling Abroad capability.  

To check if your device has 4G Calling Abroad enabled, go to Device support. When you’ve found your device, tap Specification and scroll down to Network. It will say whether it’s compatible here.

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