SIM Support.

Lost or Stolen.

Find out what to do if your device has been lost or stolen.

Replacement SIM cards.

Need to replace your SIM card? Our handy support guide has everything you need to know.

Activating your replacement SIM.

Just received a replacement SIM? Find out how to activate it with this quick and easy form.

Getting started with your SIM.

Setting up your new SIM is easy. Check out this guide to get you started.

Activating your Pay As You Go SIM.

Find out more about activating your new Pay As You Go SIM.

Using your SIM after upgrading.

If you've just upgraded and need help activating and using your new SIM, we've got you covered.

About SIM adapters

If you've upgraded to a new phone or SIM plan, you may have been given a SIM adapter. Find out more about using it in our handy support guide.

What's the difference between SIM sizes?

Get help understanding the differences in SIM card sizes here

Finding your ICCID number.

To register for My3, you'll need to provide us with your ICCID number. Check out our straightforward instructions for getting your ICCID number.