5G Gaming – Level Up With Three

February 14, 2024

Person gaming wearing headset and holding a phone

It’s all fun and games… until your broadband acts up. Then it’s a controller chucked through an expensive screen in a frenzied, expletive-filled rage. That’s why Three take broadband for gaming seriously - and it’s why we’ve launched our 5G Gaming Broadband .

“Why should I bother switching?”, we hear you asking?

Well, think of this as your own special cheat code that gives you unfair gaming advantages. Like playing on the UK’s fastest 5G network, ultra-fast downloads, 4K streaming capabilities, Wi-Fi 6 technology and beyond.

But don’t just take our word for how impressive our 5G is. Take Ookla’s. They’ve just awarded us with their SpeedTest Award (again). It’s the fourth consecutive period in a row that we’ve won it.

Still not convinced about how incredible the Three’s 5G Gaming Broadband is? Keep reading.

Separate Connections

Imagine a world where gamers have their own high-speed connection just for gaming. Now stop imagining because that’s exactly what Three have created. So, even if other family members use existing broadband for work or streaming, you’ll get your own dedicated connection strictly for play. 

Easy-Peasy Set Up

When we say easy, we mean easy. You can literally set up your 5G Gaming Broadband in a few seconds. Simply order before 8pm and you’ll be up and running (or racing, or fighting, or… you get the idea) with Three’s next working-day delivery. 

Low Latency 

Lag is a drag. Thankfully, our 5G Gaming Broadband promises to reduce it significantly. That means you’ll get much faster load times, lower ping rates, and enhanced responsiveness to add to your gaming arsenal. 

In a nutshell, you’ve got two options: gaming broadband and Three’s 5G Gaming Broadband . If you’re happy with second best, go elsewhere. If you want to take your game play to the next level, however, head over to Three.

Discover 5G Gaming Broadband with us.