The benefits of getting your next laptop on contract

February 9, 2023

Chances are, you probably already get your mobile phone on a monthly contract, not to mention your home broadband on a monthly contract. So, why not also enjoy a brand spanking new laptop on monthly contract from our range of laptop contract deals?

Take total control of your laptop capabilities, both in terms of hardware specifications and your range of connectivity options. Our monthly laptop deals allow you to find the ideal laptop for you, whether working, studying, streaming, or all three.

Below we’ve explained exactly how laptop contracts work, as well as the key benefits and the options we offer.

How does a laptop contract work?

Rather than paying a full upfront purchase cost for a laptop as most users would have done previously, with a laptop contract you pay a small upfront fee and then an ongoing monthly fee that allows you to enjoy a high-end laptop with a generous data allowance.

In many ways, it functions similarly to how most users enjoy a mobile phone contract, enabling you to select the ideal package for you in terms of the hardware you utilise and your available monthly allowance.

What laptop contract options are on offer with Three?

Three offer two main laptop options, the Samsung Galaxy Book Go and the Samsung Galaxy Book 4G, both of which offer high-end specifications and also look the part with a sleek and stylish design.

Across the two main laptop models, there are a range of available contracts, with different upfront costs and monthly fees depending on which model you select and which data allowance you require.

What are the benefits of a laptop contract?

Laptop contracts offer a range of benefits, not least the ability to avoid large upfront costs and instead enjoy a high-end laptop on manageable monthly terms.

Additionally, there’s the benefit of connectivity when enjoying a laptop on contract with Three. Our pay monthly laptops offer a generous 4G data allowance, with a range available for selection depending on which option suits you best.

With both the Samsung Galaxy Book Go and the Samsung Galaxy Book 4G, you're always connected thanks to 4G. Just insert your SIM, and you don’t need to worry about public Wi-Fi, you can instead enjoy your data allowance on your own terms.

Laptop and phone on a contract

Should I go for a laptop contract or a tablet contract?

It really depends on what your requirements are, but for the majority of students and workers, a laptop is likely the ideal fit due to its wide range of working capabilities.

For more on our tablet contracts, you can visit our Tablets page.

How much data allowance can I get with a pay-monthly laptop?

That really depends on you and your data needs. We offer six allowances on each of our laptop models, allowing you to find the perfect fit. Right now, we can offer monthly allowances of 2GB, 10GB, 20GB, 40GB, 100GB and Unlimited data.

If you’re happy with your current laptop and it has a SIM card slot, you can also choose from our range of Data Only SIMs to allow you to connect to our mobile network.

How much does a laptop contract cost?

Again, this will depend on your exact needs in terms of laptop specifications and data allowances.

Our Samsung Galaxy Book Go comes at a £29 upfront cost, with monthly packages ranging from £23 per month for a 2GB data allowance through to £33 per month for an unlimited data allowance.

As for our Samsung Galaxy Book 4G and its slightly higher specifications, this comes at a £49 upfront cost, with monthly packages ranging from £40 per month for a 2GB data allowance through to £50 per month for an unlimited data allowance.

Can I finance a laptop or buy it in instalments?

Both choices are popular options, but going with a pay monthly laptop contract allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a high-end laptop, on manageable monthly terms. In essence, a laptop contract is similar to paying for it in instalments or on finance, but with the added benefit of a 4g data allowance which means you can enjoy connectivity on a whole new level.

Can you get a student laptop contract with Three?

Yes, we do offer discounted laptop contracts for students. We appreciate that students have a range of costs, but would benefit greatly from a high-quality laptop option, so we can offer discounted terms on our usual upfront and monthly costs. Check out our exclusive student discounts to help you stay connected for less.

How long are the monthly laptop contracts?

All of our laptop contracts deals are for 24 months, enabling you to enjoy a minimal upfront fee and ongoing data allowance. We do also offer Pay as You Go options with a much larger upfront fee and a range of data allowances, so there are a range of options on offer.

For more on our Samsung Galaxy Book Go and Samsung Galaxy Book 4G options, visit our Tablets and laptops page.