The Samsung S8 is here and it's even better than you dreamed it would be

March 29, 2017

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March 29th is finally here, which can only mean one thing: you’re about to find out everything you ever wanted to about the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

And it is more stunning than you even imagined.

Now that we’ve had a little play with it, we can safely say the S8 is the most exciting Samsung phone we’ve ever seen. And don’t even get us started on the features. We won’t be able to stop.

And yes, the new device is officially called the ‘Samsung Galaxy S8‘ (and the S8+). Who knew? Well, pretty much everyone did, but that doesn’t make the phones any less exciting.

The best part? You can start pre-ordering the device now.

Here’s everything you want to know…

The S8 Design

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So….beautiful <3


This is a jaw-drop-open-on-the-table kind of a phone. It’s truly a thing of remarkable beauty. The new S8 comes in two size variants: one with a 5.8″ screen, and the other, the S8+, boasting an impressive phablet-sized 6.2″ screen.

So, big, bright and crystal-clear, whether you’re a gamer, a snapper or a binge-watcher.

The new Galaxy S8 breaks through the boundaries of what we expect a smartphone to look like in 2017: featuring an almost-bezel-less edge-to-edge infinity display with Super AMOLED display and an 18.5 x 9 ratio (think of it as the sweet spot between the cinema experience and what you’re used to in everyday life). The 3D curved edges go around the back and front, and the phone is flatter and smoother than what you’d expect (even the back camera isn’t raised).

Made from scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass 5, and aircraft-grade aluminium, this phone feels ultra-lightweight (despite the massive screen) and luxurious.

No Home Button

Also striking? The distinct lack of a home button at the front of the phone. Wait, hang on – first headphone jacks go RIP and now home buttons? Yep, the future is sleek, minimalist and physical-button free. This means that even with the impressive screen size on the new Samsung Galaxy S8, the device is still small enough to comfortably use one-handed (there’s even a special one-handed setting for ease of use). You’ve just got a much roomier display to work with.

The phone will retail at Three in two stunning colours: Midnight Black and Orchid Grey and you can expect all of the customisation that you’ve come to love from Samsung. You can even change the colour of your navigation bar whenever  the mood strikes.


This phone is all about power, speed and making your life easier, giving you the best viewing, best audio and best reading experience possible.

The phone is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 processor, the slimmest and most efficient design to date, and consumes 20% less power than its predecessor, meaning you can expect improved battery life and consistently high performance over time. The S8 has a 3000mAh battery while the S8+ has a 3500mAh battery.


This phone will also introduce you to Samsung’s new voice assistant, Bixby. Now Bixby gets to know you and will be your own personal PA, and if you miss a call from your mum, Bixby can keep sending you a reminder to let you know that you should call mum back.

Bixby also features an impressive visual component: visual recognition, so when you snap a photograph of your best mate’s new shoes, you can get further info on the product like where to purchase and what the cost is (this could definitely be dangerous for the shopping habit). Or, if you see a picture of an idyllic beach scene and wish you were there, Bixby Vision can tell you where it is, how much flights will cost and can hook you up with hotels in the area. It even acts as your own personal translator when you’re using our Go Roam around the world. UK functionality is still TBC, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for updates and let you know.


The new S8 is certified IP68 (so it’s dust and water-resistant to 1.5m, for up to 30 minutes), has 64GB of internal storage and can expand up to an extra 256GB). That’ll get you 128 movies in HD, 128,000 pics and anywhere from 21,000 to 64,000 songs.


Security is a top priority with the S8, which has a rear fingerprint scanner and also comes equipped with a 3.7MP iris scanner (next to the front-facing camera). The iris scanner? It’s 200 times more secure than a fingerprint, and unlike a fingerprint, your iris won’t change over time. There’s also a Secure Folder – think of it as your personal Fort Knox – which allows you to keep work docs discreet or even plan a surprise holiday without your SO finding out.


Another new feature we love? The multi-tasking capabilities, which splits the screen to allow you to continue chatting to your friends on WhatsApp while watching Netflix simultaneously. So. Crucial.

It also comes in handy when you’re gaming – you can chat on the phone and continue blasting aliens effortlessly. Game Launcher enhances your gaming experience, ensuring that you’re not interrupted by calls or texts when you’re mid-match.


The phone also has impressive camera action: a flush rear camera with 12MP dual mega-pixels and an aperture of f1.7 and an 8MP front camera with f1.7 aperture. The front camera has a new autofocus feature, which takes a crisp, detailed and totally gorgeous pic, even when you’re moving around.

For those who wanna have fun with their phone, there are masks, cameras and fun slogans to add personality to any pic. You can access the camera via quick-launch from the lock screen with a swift double-click of the lock button on the side of the S8.

Wireless charging

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Both phones will also come with fast charging and wireless charging options. With 10 mins of charging, you can get four hours of phone usage or two hours of continuous playback. The Always On display is a built-in battery-saver: pixels are individually lit, which uses less than 1% of your battery every hour.

The Qi wireless charging pad will be available for purchase separately.


There are plenty of cool accessories launching in tandem, or shortly after, the S8, like funky cases, including a two-piece mix-and-match case in bright hues, a 360-degree camera (with 360-degree live streaming capabilities), a remote control for VR gamers and the super-useful and portable DeX docking station, which allows you to display whatever’s on your S8 screen onto your TV (essentially turning it into a computer). These are all available for purchase separately.

In the box with your new device? The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with tangle-free AKG headphones (worth £99), which massively enhance your audio experience. Another fun fact? When you’re using Bluetooth headphones with your new S8, you can connect two and use them simultaneously, so you can be following the sat-nav in the car while your five-year-old watches Trolls in the backseat.

Feeling as hyped as us? Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ here and we’ll keep you posted when they hit our shelves (Internet and actual).