Keeping you secure

Keeping you safe when using our services

On the other pages in this Safety section we’ve also set out the practical steps you can take to secure your devices along with advice on staying safe onlinestaying safe at home and staying safe out and about. We have also provided guidance to equip you to watch out for common frauds and scams.

Keeping your My3 account secure

The information on your My3 account is private and you shouldn't let anyone else access it.

You can set up passwords so that only you will be able to make changes to your account. These passwords work on your computer, from your phone and when you call us.

Setting up a password

When you first register your My3 account, we’ll send you a text with your password. We recommend you change this password right away to a strong password of your choosing.

Here's how to change it:

  1. Sign in to your My3 account.
  2. In the Old password field, enter your existing password
  3. In the New password field, enter a new password
  4. Enter it again in the Confirm password field

We recommend that you create a lengthy but memorable password by adding three random words together. You can read our advice on selecting a strong password in our Safe Devices guidance.

Keeping you voicemail secure

Fast login

By default your Three voicemail uses a feature called Fast Login. This means that if you're calling from your own phone, you'll be able to access your voicemail without entering a PIN, even if you've previously set one up. If you'd like the highest level of voicemail security, you should turn off Fast Login so that your voicemail requires a PIN code even when accessed from your phone.

You can turn off Fast Login easily in just a few steps:

  1. Dial 123 to access your voicemail
  2. Select option 4
  3. Select option 2
  4. Select option 2
  5. Finally, select option 1

Once you hang up you'll always need to enter your PIN to access your voicemail, even when you call from your own phone. We recommend that you try this now to confirm that everything is working.

Setting up a PIN for voicemail

If you haven't set up a PIN yet, you can set one between four and eight digits long by following the steps below:

  1. Call 123 from your phone
  2. Select 4.
  3. Select 2
  4. Select 1
  5. Enter a new PIN followed by #
  6. Enter the PIN again followed by #

Your voicemail PIN will now be set up or have changed. No one from Three will be able to find out what your PIN is, so only you'll know it.

Tips to help you choose a PIN

  • Avoid using repeated digits, e.g. 112233
  • Avoid anything obvious e.g. your birthday
  • Your PIN needs to be easy to remember but difficult for other people to guess
  • Change your PIN regularly
  • Change your PIN if you suspect someone else may have guessed it