Mobile games that have an actual ending

November 27, 2017

There’s a moment, of reaching level 945,763 of your daily commuting mobile game, when your soul can die – just a little bit. You’ve crushed that candy. You’ve popped those pandas. You’ve catapulted a million angry birds. And…it’s never going to end, is it? The birds will never feel chill. The baby pandas will sit there, forever, crying, trapped in bubbles (we’ve created another mobile game list if you hate endings). THERE IS A NEAR-INFINITE NUMBER OF SOLITAIRE LEVELS.

If we’re honest, old school games consoles (the ones you have hooked up to your TV) have made a pretty dollar out of games that, y’know, end. How else are you meant to have a dramatic denouement? Or build narrative? As Nintendo have proved with their epic Switch console – you can game on-the-go and still manage to enjoy a sophisticated structure, rather than knowing that you will actually physically die before your game runs out of levels. That’s hardcore.

It’s enough to make anyone have an existential crisis, which is why we’ve done some digging to help you find some mobile games that you can play, enjoy and, ultimately, finish. Because sometimes it’s even more beautiful to say goodbye. Here are some of the best mobile games that give you an end-to-end experience:

Self described as ‘an illusionary adventure of impossible architecture and forgiveness,’ this beautifully designed, illustrative game has to make it into our list of top mobile games. It takes you through a multitude of breathtaking, colourful and optically mind-melting levels – just imagine luxuriating in this on your new Razer 2, with its smooth-as-silk 120Hz refresh rate and 5.72-inch screen. Mmmmmmm.

Everything defies the laws of physics (yes, the Penrose stairs do feature) and yet amongst all the logic puzzling, there is also a haunting, tender storyline. That’s all we’re giving away. Download this mobile game now. It didn’t win a Bafta for nothing.

Available for £3.99 on iTunes and Google Play


Lifeline takes the concept of interactive gaming and really makes it work for mobile. If you’ve ever fantasised about saving an astronaut’s life in real time, via your mobile, you might just explode.

With texts, challenges and a whole heap of narrative twists and turns, you’ll be guiding various characters through dangerous situations  – and the best news is there are seven instalments of this mobile game, so if you love it, you can download it again and again and again.

Available for £2.49 on i2Tunes and £2.69 on Google Play

The room

Puzzle games are weirdly satisfying, and The Room makes you a genuine detective. Look around a simple room, filled with objects, interact with them to uncover clues, and solve the mystery.

The best thing is you don’t even know what the mystery is – the story is uncovered in layers. No spoilers here, but you’ll feel epic once you solve the game. Plus, it has amazing music. Done.

Available for 89p on i3Tunes and 99p on Google Play

99 Rockets

This mobile game does what it says on the tin. You have 99 rockets, and you need to hit 99 targets. Simple, satisfying, sorted.

Free on i4Tunes and Google Play

Don't Look Back

This dark 8bit game was quietly launched by gaming legend Terry Cavanagh in 2009, and subsequently became a bit of a cult classic. It’s not long, but it’s intriguing, fun and has an epic story line based on Greek mythology.

Enter the underworld and follow the beautifully designed journey of your main character. Oh, and enjoy the gentle maroon colour palette, too.

Free on i5Tunes

Gurk 3

Yet another fun 8bit RPG, but this time a third instalment, complete with drawn-out synth music, slash-y sword graphics and the ability to roam around a limited kingdom, interacting with stuff, solving problems, killing baddies and having a ball.

Before you ask, yes, the baddies are tiny skeletons with swords and shields. Beautifully retro.

Available for £1.79 on i6Tunes and £1.89 on Google Play

Final Fantasy IX

Anyone who has played Final Fantasy IX will know and love the amazing narrative, the complex characters, the dreamy music, the breathtaking landscapes, the complexity of the gameplay. When this came out on the original PlayStation, people were obsessed, but the graphics dated over time.

The good news is that it has been revamped for mobile, with amazingly reactive, finger-sensitive gameplay. The ninth in the series follows Zidane, a cheeky thief/actor/human with a tail who tries to kidnap a princess. But it turns out she wants to be kidnapped. Why? Purchase and play to find out…

Available for £18.99 on iTunes and Google Play

If you want a real sense of achievement and you’re happy that all good things must come to an end, these mobile games are definitely right for you. And if you’re looking for the perfect phone, don’t forget to check out the ultimate gaming device, the new Razer 2.