Not sure how to read your bill?

This is a sample Airtime bill. It shows a breakdown of what each section means. 

Have a device plan agreement(s)? You’ll have separate Direct Debit agreement(s) for any monthly device payments and an annual statement. They won’t show on your Airtime bill.

1. Your details

This section shows the period of time the bill covers, your account number, the date the bill was issued, and a unique reference number for the bill.​

It also shows how many connections are associated with this billing account. If you’ve got a single connection, it’ll show your Three phone number.​

If you’ve ported a number to Three, it'll show as a separate connection to the temporary number issued with your contract.

2. Your bill summary

Since your last bill​

Information about your previous bill, payments received, and any balance brought forward to this bill.

This month's bill

Monthly recurring charges

This is the total of your monthly recurring charges. They’ll usually be the same each month, but there are some exceptions.

  • Your first bill
    Your first bill will be slightly higher as it covers more than 1 month. 
  • A bill following a change
    If you change your price plan or Add-on, the bill that follows may be slightly higher as the charging period may be more than 1 month.

Charges, discounts, and credits

This shows a total of any additional charges, discounts, and/or credits applicable that have been added to this bill. This can be things like ThreePay charges for entering a competition by text or adding your Spotify subscription to your mobile bill.

Usage charges

This is a breakdown of any other usage charges outside of what's covered in your monthly package. This can include things like calling abroad or roaming in a non-Go Roam country.


We’re legally obligated to show the breakdown of VAT on your monthly bill.

You’ll see a combination of monthly recurring charges, other charges, discounts, and credits, plus the VAT applied.

Finally, you’ll see the total charges after VAT and the total amount due to be taken on your payment date.

3. Total amount due

This is the total amount due for payment and the date the payment is due by. The amount will include any balance brought forward from the previous month.

4. Have a device plan?

Have a device plan agreement?

If you’ve taken out a device plan agreement for a new phone, smartwatch, tablet or laptop, then your first bill will include the following details:​

  • The total cost of the devices excluding VAT​

  • The amount of VAT ​

  • The total cost of the device including VAT​

  • Any upfront payment you made towards the device costs​

  • The full amount of your device plan agreement​

If you bought your device in-store, these details will be shown on your receipt instead.​

Remember, the monthly payments for your device won’t show on your Airtime bill and will be paid via a separate Direct Debit.

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