Getting started

Welcome to Three Your Way. The mobile plan made by you. Here’s everything you need to know about your new account.  

From tracking your bills and usage to buying Add-ons and checking when it’s upgrade time – managing your account is easy with My3 and the Three app.

Registration and login

Registering for the first time? You’ll need your Three number and a valid email address.  

Got more than one number? 

If you want to manage your accounts and numbers with one email address, give us a call to get set up.  

Find out more about registration and login

Setting up your device or eSIM

Whether you’ve got a new phone, tablet, or smartwatch, our device support pages have everything you need.  

Got a device with an eSIM? You’ll need to activate it before you get up and running. It’s quick and easy to do. Find out how to activate your eSIM. 

And if you’ve got a new smartwatch, here’s everything you need to know about smartwatch pairing.


Keep your number

Keeping your number is easy with Three.  

Already given us your PAC? Your transfer will take place on the date you’ve chosen. Don’t forget, your SIM needs to be active for this to happen. Activating your SIM is easy – just put it into your device, and that’s it.  

Need more help? Check our handy switching FAQs for more info.  

Not switched yet? Find out how to switch your number to Three.

First bill

Your first bill will be available 6 days after placing your order. It may take a few days to show on My3 or the Three app but we’ll text you when it’s ready. It’ll be slightly higher than your usual monthly charge as it covers your first full month plus 6 days.   

Bought a device and an Airtime plan? Two direct debits will be taken from your account every month. One for your device repayments and the other for your Airtime plan.  

You’ll get an annual statement for your device repayments and a monthly Airtime bill.  

Find out more about your first bill.

Spend cap

A Spend Cap lets you limit your spending on things not included in your monthly plan. This includes calls, texts and data, at home and abroad.  

Your Spend Cap will have been set when you placed your order. You can check and change it as often as you like on the Three app or by logging into My3

Find out more about Spend Caps.


Ways to pay

When you open your account with us, you set up a direct debit or regular card payment to pay your Airtime bill.  

Need to make a change? There are other ways to pay, but don’t forget, you save £60 a year when you pay by direct debit or regular card payment.


Whether you’re travelling the world or calling abroad from the UK – find out everything you need to know about roaming and calling abroad.

Three Recycle

Turn your old phone into cash.  

Find out more about Three Recycle and get a quick quote.

Adult content filter

We automatically protect all customers from accessing age-restricted sites, but switching this filter off is easy. Find out more about accessing and blocking adult content on your phone.


We know every situation is unique and aim to provide the right level of support for all our customers.  

Whether it’s visual, audio, or vulnerability support, find out more about accessibility at Three.

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