Getting started

Welcome to Mobile Broadband. It’s time to settle in and get to know your new account and device.

From setting up your new device to info on roaming and managing your account, here’s everything you need to know.

Find your number

As it uses our mobile network, your Mobile Broadband account has a mobile number. And you’ll need it to register for My3 and the Three app. You can find it on your order confirmation, welcome emails, bills, and dashboard. 

More about your Mobile Broadband dashboard 

Your dashboard is the best place to go for everything to do with your Mobile Broadband device. Use it to check your signal strength, find your Three number, and more. Plus, it’s free to use – it doesn’t use up your data allowance. 

You can access it by going to https://3.home from a device connected to your Mobile Broadband.


Registration and login

From tracking your bills to checking when it’s time to upgrade – managing your account is easy with My3 and the Three app.

Registering for the first time? You’ll need your Three number and a valid email address.

Got more than one number?

If you want to manage your accounts and numbers with one email address, give us a call to get set up.

Find out more about registration and login.

Setting up and checking your connection

Our device support guides have everything you need to know about setting up your device. Used your device with another network before? It may need to be unlocked to use on our network. You can find steps on unlocking your device in our device support guides.

Going to use your Mobile Broadband device out and about? Check for maintenance or planned work in your area with our Network Status Checker.

Adult content filter

Every new Three device has our adult content filter switched on by default. So, you won’t be able to access any age-restricted sites while connected to your hub.

This filter’s easy to switch off though. Once you’ve verified your age, you can check and change it by logging into My3, using the Three app, or by going into any Three store.

Find out more about accessing and blocking adult content.

Using Mobile Broadband abroad

Go Roamnis part of all our Mobile Broadband plans and lets you unlock your UK allowances in 160 worldwide destinations. There’s a daily roaming charge to unlock your UK allowances in Go Roam destinations for 24 hours.

  • Go Roam in Europe – £2
  • Go Roam Around the World - £5
  • Go Roam Around the World Extra - £7

Fair use policies apply

Before you go, remember to check that roaming’s switched on in your device settings

Please note: Huawei devices may not work in the USA. You can check your device specifications in our device support guides

First bill

Your first bill will be available 6 days after placing your order. It may take a few days to show on My3 or the Three app but we’ll let you know by text or email when it’s ready.  It’ll be slightly higher than your usual monthly charge as it covers your first full month plus 6 days.  

You can keep track of your bills and usage any time using My3 or the Three app

Find out more about your first bill.

Ways to pay

When you open your account with us, you set up a direct debit or regular card payment to pay your Airtime bill.

Need to make a change? There are other ways to pay, but don’t forget, you save £50 a year when you pay by direct debit or regular card payment.


Changed your mind? Or things not quite as you expected?

You’ve got 14 days from when you get your Mobile Broadband device to return, exchange, or cancel.

Find out more about our returns and exchange policy.


We know every situation is unique and aim to provide the right level of support for all our customers.  

Whether it’s visual, audio, or vulnerability support, find out more about accessibility at Three.

Three Recycle

Turn your old device into cash.  

Find out more about Three Recycle and get a quick quote.

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