Internet and apps

Using the internet on your device

It’s easy to think everyone’s an expert online. But in case you need a little help, we’ve got all the info you need to get started. Whether you’re setting up your device or you want to understand how your data works, you’ll get support here.

Using your device over Wi-Fi

Get help with connecting to and using your device over Wi-Fi.

Managing your data usage and charges.

Update for iOS users

Accessing zero-rated websites will use your data allowance if you’re using iCloud Private Relay.

Personal Hotspot allowances

Get help connecting your phone to other devices so they can access the internet.

What is Unlimited data?

You can get truly Unlimited data on Three. Find out how and what we really mean when we say ‘Unlimited’.

Using the internet abroad

Make sure you don’t face any unexpected charges while you’re abroad. Or, find out how to use your device while you’re away.

Understanding your data allowance

You can check how much data you have left on Three. Find out how.

Knowing when you're using data.

Unsure when you're using data? This article has you covered.

Data charges and Add-ons

If you're running low on data, or need a data boost until your next bill date, we've got you covered.

Three Pay

Find out more about how Three Pay purchases are billed to you.

Three app

The Three app

Get the details on the Three app and find out how to download and make the most of it.

Your account on the Three app

Find support with your account and how to make changes to it, all through the Three app.

Problems with the Three app

If you’re having problems with the Three app, you can get help here.

Your plan on the Three app

Check out the things you can do with your plan on the Three app.